Area:  Nakivale, Uganda

Number of participants:  Over 220 women


Nakivale is located in southwestern Uganda.  The region houses one of the largest refugee camps in the world.  About 2,000 refugees enter the camps daily from South Sudan, Congo and Burundi. In order to feed their children, many of  the women are forced into prostitution.

The main sewing center is located near the slums of Kampala, with two satellite centers in refugee camps.


  • To empower women with income-generating activities as an alternative to prostitution.
  • To teach women to sew, knit, and crochet to create goods.
  • To initially create feminine hygiene kits, diapers, and school uniforms to empower young women.
  • To enable participants to use their acquired skills to design clothing and create dyed fabrics such as batik.
  • To train women on financial management and loan acquisition and management.



Women attend six months of sewing instruction. To date, 38 women have graduated at the Nakivale sewing center.

Sewing Machines

Over 200 sewing machines, 12 sergers, and 2 knitting machines were donated to the project. Additionally, sewing supplies including fabric, patterns, notions, knitting needles, yarn, tables, and chairs were collected and shipped.

Additional Benefits

Feminine hygiene kits enable girls to attend school. Knitting and crocheting can be done at home and helps relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and more.


The Uganda sewing center project also provided:

  • 100 egg aprons were sewn and provided for the Dignity Restored Poultry Project.
  • Hundreds of pillowcase dresses and britches were donated by a local church.
  • Donated bikes will help the program participants travel safely and quickly to the sewing center.
  • Over 300 teddy bears were provided to children from the Mother Bear Project.
  • Backpacks and school supplies were donated.
  • A pallet of food from Feed My Starving Children was transported for Voluntary Hearts Community efforts.
  • Sewing machines and supplies that could not fit in the shipping container were donated to a local Rotary for the Haiti Sewing Center.
Volunteers packing a shipping container for Pathways to Hope Africa

Volunteers help pack the shipping container.