Area:  Kikandwa Village in Kakiri, Wakiso District, Uganda

Number of participants:  100 women and their households


Many women in this district had become trapped in a cycle of poverty and sexual exploitation.  The Dignity-Restored Poultry Initiative has empowered women to build sustainable livelihoods as an alternative to prostitution.  The initiative educates the women on raising poultry,  gardening, and small business and personal financial management.

Participants are selected by the local council committee,  giving priority to those women who have young children, who are willing to participate, learn, and physically work on the project.


The current size of the flock is 278 chickens.

A water point is under construction at the site to address the water needs of the farm.


  • To empower women with income-generating activities as an alternative to prostitution.
  • To impart life skills through training and mentoring.
  • To teach financial skills including saving, investment, and credit management.
  • To provide psycho-social care to overcome the effects of prostitution.
  • To improve the nutrition levels of the households through poultry and egg raising.


Poultry Building

Poultry building constructed and completed in June 2017. The building can house up to 16,000 hens.

Community Well

An 80-foot deep well was constructed with an electric pump and overhead tank for gravity pressure. The well provides water for the poultry, washing eggs, and sanitation needs for the building. The well is also used by the community for drinking, laundry, cooking, showers, and toilets.

Chickens and Feed

PTHA provided five hundred egg-laying chickens and feed for six months.